Opening Symposium

image007  Prof. Schubert hands over the EuCheMS Award for Service 2012 to Prof. Freund. image003  Prof. De Cola presents her lecture "Nanomaterials: Properties and applications". image002  During the coffee break. image004  Prof. Fleig, Prof. Blaha, and Prof. Schwarz. image005  Prof. Freund has proposed a mechanism during his talk by which thin layers of gold might act as a catalyst. image006  Prof. Freund (at the right) and Prof. Rupprechter encourage students to participate in the discussion after the lecture: "Model catalyst design: A perspective at the atomic level" .
image001  Prof. Corkum (at the right) is answering questions after his exciting talk: "Catching and characterizing electron with light". image008  The Franz-Dworak room of the Austrian Economic Chamber during the opening symposium.