Summer School Solids4Fun 2013

P1050270  The participants of the Summer School Solids4Fun in 2013. P1050185  Summer School Solids4Fun in 2013 has taken place at Seminarhotel Schloss Hernstein. P1050197  The historical part of Schloss Hernstein. P1050184  View from a larger window of the backside of Schloss Hernstein
P1050171  Elisabeth Hambrusch is introducing the main goals of the course "Scientific Writing in English" to the students. P1050213  Elisabeth Hambrusch is discussing with Diana about her draft of a paper. P1050178  Elisabeth and Paul ar looking forward to the English course. P1050181  After the coffee break.
P1050158  In the course "Presentation Techniques" by Masha Ibeshitz you have to be fast. P1050168  The video reveals  weaknesses in the presentation techniques mercilessly. P1050169  And the diffult video confrontation again. P1050163  Elisabeth Hambrusch and Masha Ibeschitz in a discussion after the first day.
P1050195  A beautiful small lake is located very closely to Schloss Hernstein. P1050201  There are plenty more fish in the sea (or lake). P1050219  Thomas has received his Master's certificate for deep-sea navigation. P1050221  Prof. Ulrich Schubert is asking the students about the their initial opinions regarding the summer school.
P1050225  Barbecue I P1050229  Barbecue II P1050228  Barbecue III P1050209  Playing "Werwolf" at night.
P1050239  Prof. Bettina Lotsch is introducing her fascinating research about photonic crystals to the students. P1050233  Prof. Bettina Lotsch and Prof. Christof Wöll during a relaxed discussion. P1050247  Prof. Christof Wöll has focused on his research about metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) during his guest lecture mainly. P1050254  Summer has started lately this year.
P1050256  Even professors need a break occasionally (Prof. Ulrike Diebold, Prof. Karsten Held, Dr. Majer). P1050240  Tobias and 10 other students have given a talk about the research within the Doctoral School Solids4Fun. DSC 0034  Poster Presentations I DSC 0035  Poster Presentations II
DSC 0046  Eamon is presenting his poster to the fellow students and Prof. Karsten Held. DSC 0036  Poster Presentaions III DSC 0040  Tobias is explaining his research to Prof. Bettina Lotsch. DSC 0045  Guangyu is getting advice by Prof. Wolfgang Heiss. Prof. Heiss has introduced nanocrystals to the participants of the summer during his guest lecture.
P1050267  The "young stars" are leaving Hernstein.