Summer School Solids4Fun 2014

20140717 150453 (2)  The people of the Summer School "Solids4Fun" in 2014. 20140714 094952 b  Bus trip to Hernstein on the 14th of July. 20140714 101623  Arrival at the seminar hotel. 20140714 101635  Jingxia signs for her key.
20140714 151407  Our summer school started with an extended hiking tour. 20140714 145733  Diana, Jonathan, and Lukus during the hiking tour. 20140714 173934  Old entrance gate at Schloss Hernstein. 20140714 161618  Hubertus chapel near Berndorf.
20140714 174253  The castle Hernstein - a really beautiful spot. 20140715 152817  During the course "Scientifc Discussions in English" by Elisabeth Hambrusch. 20140715 152850  Elisabeth focuses on the active participation of the students. 20140715 153330 b  Prof. Veith Schiffmann has provided an introduction of Photoshop and InDesign to the participants.
20140715 152924  A relaxing coffee break in the park of Schloss Hernstein. 20140716 110704  During the application training by Julia Wilder and Michael Moschen of the TU Career Centre. 20140716 110447  Practical exercises have been an important part of the application training. 20140716 192844  Queuing for the famous barbecue of our summer school.
20140716 192918  Prof. Dominik Eder, Prof. Veith Schiffman, and Prof. Ulrich Schubert during the barbecue. 20140716 192906  Eamon is enjoying his dinner. 20140718 143137  Benedikt presents his research about a lab on a chip. 20140715 152934  Andreas will not forget the sun glasses next year.
20140715 153012  Oscar and Jan in the courtyard of the seminar hotel. 20140715 153136  The service at the "Schloss Hernstein" has been excellent. 20140717 135541  Tobias summarizes his work about silica-wave guides. 20140717 161645  Prof. Helmut Rechberger has provided an introduction about resource management.
20140717 190715  During the poster presentation. 20140717 191732  Markus in front of his poster. 20140717 191849  Anna is taking a short break from the scientific discussions. 20140718 110742  Eamon teaches the audience about electron density calculations.
20140718 093721  Prof. Dominik Eder has recommended nanocarbon-inorganic hybrid materials as new photocatalysts. 20140717 140332  Oscar has discovered new facts about magnetite as a catalyst. 20140715 205254  Evening in Hernstein.