Summer School 2015

20150703 125539versuch  Group photo of the participants of the Summer School in Hernstein. ankunft  Shortly after the arrival at Seminarhotel Schloss Hernstein on th 29th of June. 20150629 111912  Lukas has taken his place in the lobby of Schloss Hernstein. 001  Dr. Eva Müller presented the workshop about Scientific Writing in Hernstein.
002  Dr. Eva Wysocki and Dr. Stefan Mühlbachler introduced the students to the FWF-project application. 20150630 133219  During the workshop by the FWF. 20150701 110139  Elisabeth Hambrusch provided another possibility to improve the English-language knowledge. 20150701 110214  Diana finishes an English exercise before the 1st coffee break.
20150702 102134  Prof. Ulrike Diebold and Prof. Roland Wiesendanger during the discussion after his talk "Exploring Magnetism in the Nanoworld". 20150702 141627  Prof. Alexander Eychmüller prestend his research "Aerogels from Semiconductor and Metal Nanocrystals" to the participants of our summer school. 20150702 165948  Prof. Bernd Mayer introduced the students of Solids4Fun to pseudosciences. 20150702 165952  The overall-evening lecture "Pseudowissenschaften und Quacksalberei – der Abschied vom gesunden Menschenverstand und den Naturgesetzen" has been a huge succes.
20150702 150002  Andreas presented the progress in his research during the summer school. 20150703 114400  Fabian  participated in our summer school in 2015 actively among many other students. 20150702 191843  At the dining table of Schloss Hernstein. 20150702 193511  Johannes discusses his poster with Prof. Ulrike Diebold.
20150702 193523  During the poster session. 20150702 193541  Liliana and Diana enjoying the free beer at the poster session. 20150702 194117  Stefan, Larisa, Diana and Jonathan have an intensive discussion during our poster evening. 20150703 152553  Prof. William Chueh at the bus ride back to Vienna. He presented the talk "Redox Processes in Electrochemically-Active Materials".