Summer School Solids4Fun 2016

IMG 20160708 153742  The students of the summer school of Solids4Fun in 2016. IMG 20160704 113808  This year our bus driver had some difficulties to find his way to Waidhofen/Ybbs. IMG 20160704 113750  But we did enjoy the nice countryside of the Mostviertel (Lower Austria). IMG 20160704 125545  Shortly after arrival at the Schlosshotel Waidhofen/Ybbs: Lunch.
IMG 20160704 150918  An excursion to the historical water- power plant Schwellöd was organized in order to start our summer school properly. IMG 20160704 153144  Mr. Hampölz introduced the technical treasures of the old power plant to the students. IMG 20160704 153325  The old turbine house of the power plant. IMG 20160704 162549  The old turbine.
IMG 20160704 161517  Different versions of a Kaplan turbine. IMG 20160704 154619  A new water-power plant was build a bit more upriver of the Ybbs. IMG 20160704 154927  Nevzat is just checking if the new turbine is running smoothly. IMG 20160704 143146  On the way back from the water-power plant Schwellöd.
IMG 20160705 151438  A citizen of Waidhofen/Ybbs welcomes the students of Solids4Fun later. IMG 20160706 153313  Sebastian, Fabian, and Martin during an extended coffee break. IMG 20160705 151844  Modern part of the Schlosshotel Waidhofen/Ybbs. IMG 20160706 162215  Peter Birnstingl introduced the Project Management to us on the 4th and 5th of July.
IMG 20160706 162247  Group work during the course Project Management. IMG 20160706 154028  Mr. Birnstingl (Project Management) during a well-deserved break. IMG 20160706 162022  Stephanie Jane Coe taught the Intercultural Communication as part of the Soft Skills. IMG 20160706 162055  Stephanie  encourages the students to realize differences in communication patterns for various countries.
IMG 20160706 162044  The main aspects of the course Intercultural Communication have the potential to widen the view. IMG 20160706 162332  Everybody was fascinated by the architecture of the conference tract of the Schlosshotel Waidhofen. IMG 20160707 133808  Prof. Bilge Yildiz (MIT) was invited by Solids4Fun to present her fascinating research. neven  Prof. Neven Barišić introduced different aspects of superconductivity to the participants of the summer school.
IMG 20160707 162300  Dr. Florian Aigner (on the left) provided the general evening lecture: “It’s all a Game of Chance - A Brief History of Randomness” IMG 20160707 110454  Thomas presented his reasearch of the last couple of months. IMG 20160707 100835  Magdalena from the Theoretical Chemistry Group joined the summer school of Solids4Fun for the very first time. IMG 20160707 093814  During the scientific talks - glance at the auditorium.
IMG 20160707 145524  Sami during his report about the research on Kondo insulators. IMG 20160706 162403  The staff of the Schlosshotel Waidhofen supported our summer school with patience, an excellent organization and always with a big smile. IMG 20160707 215355  The 5e Museum (Rothschildschloss) Waidhofen an der Ybbs in the night. IMG 20160705 224147  The bridge connecting the Schlosshotel Waidhofen over the Ybbs with the inner city in the darkness.
IMG 20160708 152411  The fabulous river Ybbs at daytime.