Summer School Solids4Fun 2018

Summer School Solids4Fun 2018
This year the summer school took place between the 2nd and 6th of July. Shortly after arrival at the Schlosshotel Waidhofen/Ybbs. Monday afternoon was reserved for a social event - the visit of a historic blacksmith (including the connected museum) in Ybbsitz. Klaus is making his first steps in a new carrier path as blacksmith.
It was a real challenge to hammer a nail for all of us. However, Isabella turned out to be a real talent. Martin Hlavacek has provided the Graphics Design course on the 3rd of July. The TU Career Center fascinated the Solids4Fun students with a perfectly designed Application Training.
Bernhard Barkow and Philipp Prause taught us about LaTeX. The preparations for the famous barbecue within our summer school took some time. During the barbecue - a perfect hours for socializing. Nobody needed to starve during the barcecue just to show a bit patience.
Dr. Klaus-Dieter Kreuer during his interesting talk “Protons in Condensed Matter: Anything between Highly Localized and Highly Mobile”. Prof. Florian Liebisch provided fascinating insights by his talk“Graphene Quantum Dots: Confining Dirac Electrons” . Davor presented new results of his research summarizing the past year. Prof. Koen Janssens (University of Antwerp) provided the general evening lecture. His talk “Looking at Old Paintings with New X-ray Methods: Detecting Different Types of Alterations” really made an impression to the students.
Thomas tries to hide himself during lunch time. A good cup of coffee after lunch can be of great help. During the poster session I. During the poster session II.
Prof. Peter Blaha and Prof. Günter Rupprechter discuss the research results of their PhD students. During the poster session III. Vera enjoys her beer at the poster session on Thursday evening. Dr. Diana Geiger has presented their experience after successfully leaving Solids4Fun for a consulting company.
Prof. Maxim Mostovoy startled the students of "Solids4Fun" with his summary “Symmetry of Static and Dynamic Effects in Solids”. Dr. Markus Schiebl told us about his work at the "Bundesamt für Eich- und Vermessungswesen" after recieving his PhD within Solids4Fun. Strudl "Hawai" - what a strange composition - invented by the coordinator of Solids4Fun. Leaving Waidhofen/Ybbs in the rain on Friday afternoon.