Summer School Solids4Fun 2019

In 2019 the summer school took place between the 1st  and 5th of July. As our social event we visited the wild zoo in Buchberg. Stefan is on the fast track to his PhD. There were strange creatures living in the zoo.
A pin play always helps to relax after an exhausting year in research. A tame stork in the zoo impressed all participants of the summer school. In 2019 the PhD students could join 2 Python courses within our summer school. Daniela Haiden-Schroll and Susanne Leeb of the TU Carreer center provided an impressive course for our young scientists focusing on application training.
It is difficult to imagine to find a better location for our challenging soft- skills courses within Solids4Fun than the Schlosshotel in Waidhofen/Ybbs. Masha Ibeshitz-Manderbach has educated the new PhD students in presentation techniques. Kamal participated very actively in the course of presentation techniques. A perfect barbecue was offered on the the terrace of the Schlosshotel again on Wednesday.
The barbecue within our summer school always marks the beginning of the scientific part. The food for the barbecue prepaired in a smoker was more than tasty again. Sunset over Waidhofen/Ybbs. Prof. Andrey Zheludev (ETH Zurich) presented two talks about "Fantastic beasts and where to find them".
Nikola gave an insight of his research progress within the last year. Prof. Jingxia Jang (Shanghai University of Engineering Science) - a former PhD student of Solids4Fun - presented her research "Microstructure Manipulation of Bimetallic Oxides by Sol-gel Method and CeO2 by Microwave-aided Synthesis” to us. Prof. Georg Madsen (TU Wien) introduced the students of Solids4Fun to “Predictive Calculation of Thermal Conductivity”. During the poster session on Thursday.
Emine explains her work to Prof. Jingxia Yang during the poster sesssion. Alexander in an intense discussion with Prof. Ulrike Diebold during the poster session. Most participants of our summer school joined the poster session and used a perfect opportunity to discuss their work interdisciplinarily. Nevzat joined the summer school of Solids4Fun for the last time and was able to sum up his research.
Dr. Alexander Genest (Institute of High Performance Computing, Singapore) presented an overview to "Computational Chemistry of Oxides in Catalysis – Challenges and Solutions". Prof. Bertram Batlogg (ETH Zurich) fascinated us by two refreshing talks with the topic "Physics in the Smartphone". Vera explained her interesting research results regarding gold nanoclusters. Ice cream in order to sugar coat our farewell from Waidhofen.
Our summer school has been a fascinating and challenging week again!